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Disable Copy,Cut and Paste in
Asp.Net And Jquery
jQuery is a JavaScript framework, which purpose is to make it much easier to use JavaScript on your website. You could also describe jQuery as an abstraction layer,......
Changing Your Hosts File
The hosts file is used and located on your computer's operating system to tweak and trick your computer into resolving to a specific IP , it can simply and freely control access to websites and network traffic......
Floating box in css:
Floating is normally used to shift around smaller chunks within a page, such as pushing a navigation link to the right of a container, but it can also be used with bigger chunks ......
Audio Bar in your site with Html
Now HTML5 has an <audio> element that you can use instead. You can play formats MP3, Wav, and Ogg, although, like video, none is supported on every browser. Use Wav+MP3 to cover all your bases.
Loading .swf file with Html
With <embed> tag element you can load any extrenal application or interactive .
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Disabling Copy,Cut and Paste with Asp.net
Changing Your Hosts File
Floating box in css
Audio Bar in your site with Html
Loading .swf file with Html

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